Amazon Festive Yatra

Amazon launches Amazon Festive Yatra, be prepared, this journey can also pass through your city

Amazon Festive Yatra

Every face blossoms as the festive season approach. Why not bloom, the fragrance of gifts that spreads all around. This is the time when the whole city, the whole village, come together and enjoy their whole heart. By the way, online shopping sites like Amazon have taken the responsibility of looting happiness. Now take the Amazon Festive Yatra itself.

This is Amazon’s biggest and annual festive sale event, which has been announced recently.

This is a kind of online fair, Where consumers get huge discounts on mobile phones, laptops, cameras, clothes, home, and kitchen items and other items.

Great Indian Festival

Well, this time the Great Indian Festival is very special because Amazon has also started Amazon Festive Yatra. This will be a unique journey in itself, where Indian consumers will get a chance to learn about different products. This is unique because a small house has been built for this journey with the help of three trucks and is named ‘House on Wheels’. In this moving house, better products from India have been given place, which will be displayed for consumers in different cities.

Amazon Festive Yatra 

How big is the Amazon Festive Yatra, you can guess that this journey will pass through different cities of North, Central and South India? It will travel over 6,000 km and cover 13 cities during the entire festive season. Starting from Delhi, the journey will reach Bangalore, finally via Lucknow, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad.

Amazon Festive Yatra’s truck will meet with consumers and sellers in Agra, Chennai, Indore, Kolkata, Kochi, Mathura, Mumbai and Visakhapatnam through this journey.

Special Feature of Amazon Festive Yatra

The special feature of Amazon Festive Yatra is that it not only covers the big brands. but also places products of small and medium enterprises, startups and artisans from each state and union territory. It also includes products from Amazon’s artisan and Saheli program.

Such a journey will also provide an opportunity for consumers and sellers to connect and share their views. Amazon Festive will showcase over 600 products brought from all corners of India. This includes household decorative items, kitchen items, festival related items, rations, and art-related items.

This will be a glimpse for customers, seeing which they can guess what they are going to get on Amazon’s site this season. Amazon Festive Yatra will showcase products from big brands making washing machines, air conditioners, smartphones, and kitchen items. Apart from this, bathing and hygiene, beauty and food products will also be displayed.

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