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Hello friends, by looking at the title today, you must have found out what information we are going to give you today! So we are going to talk about a Book website

As you know that in today’s world, it has become very important for us to study! And every parent wants to give a good education to their child, then the most important thing you have to study is that your book is that you cannot study without a book. First of all, books for you to study. It is required For which you have to buy expensive books!

There are many people who continue to read books even after completing their studies! They like to read book and they also buy very expensive books!

So today I am going to tell you about such a website for them all! With which you can download any book in the world for free!


So the name of that website is PDFDRIVE, so this website you can download any book for free!


Create Account

When you open the website , you will have to create your account, for that you will have to click on Sign in. If you have an account, then you should sign in. If you are new on this website, then click on Create Account and Create your account 

Book Download
Create Account

prime member and free membership 

After creating an account you will have 2 options in front of you, 1 option will be prime and one will be free! I advise you to joint your own membership for free so that you will not be able to donate some books by taking a free membership, if you take the prime membership then you will get unlimited storage within it. is!

Book Download


After that in your account settings, you can create your new password, which will help you to sing next time!

Book Download

How to download books 

We are now telling you how to download books, otherwise, you can also download books without creating your own account, but I would advise you to download books by creating an account first. 

So, by example, you can show an English spiking cores books by downloading them, you will see the search bar above all, you should enter the name of any of your books that you want to download. Did English speaking in Hindi 

Book Download

Then many books will come in front of you, out of that you select your book and click on it where the download is written. 

But before clicking on download, click save to my drive, you can also check preview first. 

So friends, how did you like this information let us know by commenting 

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