Earn millions by doing a Part-Time Job with Amazon


hello, guys how are you hope you will be good and enjoy your life! Friends, we will talk to you about how to join a part-time job with Amazon.

You must have heard the name of Amazon, you know that India has a very big e-commerce website, not only new but also abroad.

Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Friends, this website is only a freelancer side of Amazon, this website is you can earn money by working online!

Tasks are given on this website, which has to be completed in a timely manner!

If you have just started freelancers, then this website is going to be best for them.

How to Register

You open any of your browser and type in mturk.com, after typing it, this type of page will open.

Amazon Mechanical
Amazon Mechanical

If you see Sign in as a work written in blue above the page, click on it.

A page will open in front of you, in which you will have to create an account on Amazon, if your account is made on Amazon, then you have to sign it.

Create account Amazon
Amazon Create account

After that a page will open in which you will have to fill a From, from that, you will have to give your information, you will have to fill all the information properly.

Registration from
Registration from 

After that click you on the crate account, then a page like this will open in front of you.

Email invitation 

After seeing your profile with you, you will get an email from Amazon, in which you can click on it and you can do a part-time job.


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