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GOOGLE removed 46 fake apps from its play store, 600 million people downloaded

Hello friends, how are you hoping that you and friends are good, you know that there are new apps coming in these days, but among them, we are happy to find out which one is thrown into it, which is original. This time Google has removed 46 apps from the Play Store

In today’s time where people are getting digital fast. At the same time, fraudsters are also searching for digital methods to fraud quickly. In view of this, Google has taken a strict step.

google play store
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Google removed 46 apps-

Google recently removed 46 apps from its Play Store. According to media reports, The has taken this step keeping this security in mind. The has remapped some apps from a Chinese app developer named DO Global.

So has not only remapped the app but has also banned some developers. Google is constantly tightening its rules regarding the app.


According to a news published in BuzzFeed News, Google has imposed this ban when it came to know that these apps are causing harm to people and are fraudulent. Users do not open the app Even then they coded these apps Gone is that it opens automatically.

I have already done this work-

All of DO Global’s apps have been downloaded up to 600 million. Despite this, Google has removed 46 of its 100 from the Play Store. This is not the first time that Google has removed an app from its store. The has done this many times before.

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